Click Application-Rules 2016 for an application and guidelines to vend at the Market.  Think you’ve got something the public needs?  You’ll need to find commercial kitchen space if you’re a secondary producer (jams, breads, salsa – stuff that you didn’t grow yourself).  And what the market really wants right now are: 1) Gluten-free bakery, 2) Full dairy, and 3) Fish.

Meet the Producers

Atwater’s Bread: Baltimore, MD
Fresh bread from scratch every day!  Hand shaped and hearth baked, Atwater’s uses certified organic, stone ground flour from the family owned and operated Lindley Mills.  Traditional whole wheat sourdough and slow fermentation makes for a healthier and more digestible bread.  They also have delicious granola, cookies, muffins, and scones.

Craft Kombucha: Mt Pleasant, DC
MtP’s neighborhood Kombucha Brewery.  Proudly serving seasonal kombucha on tap, inspired by craft beer.  Six flavors of fresh, seasonal kombucha on tap every week!  Come visit us every Saturday at the Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market from 9 am to 1 pm.  Have a glass or get one of our refillable bottles in any of our three sizes.

Earth Spring Farm: Carlisle, PA
Beautiful, sustainably raised veggies.  Farmer Mike Nolan and staff at Earth Spring Farm are committed to bringing to you the freshest, healthiest and local produce and products. We have been using all organic growing practices since the farm started in 2010. Our prices are competitive with any of the local retail stores (though often less) and our produce has literally just been harvested from the fields!

Good Sense Farm: Riverdale, MD
Good Sense Farm provides local delicacies and an empowering learning environment for urban foodies from all walks of life.  We grow and sell gourmet mushrooms and raise healthy bee colonies that produce the finest local honey and hive products.

Groff’s Content Farm: Rocky Ridge, MD
Julie Bolton is a careful and loving steward over her grass fed and finished lamb, beef, pigs, and poultry. Beautiful blue, green, brown, speckled, and white eggs in every dozen.

MeatCrafters: Landover, MD
MeatCrafters salamis, cured meats and sausages, are made for charcuterie lovers everywhere. Our collection will satisfy the most discerning palate. We use high quality meats, many locally sourced and produced in small batches. We use the freshest spices, herbs and seasonal blends designed to bring out unique, complex, yet subtle flavors. MeatCrafters’ artisan salamis include flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. In addition to our traditional Italian flavors, we produce untraditional flavors using unique blends of spices from around the world. Freshly grilled at the Market, great sandwiches while you hang out with neighbors.

Number 1 Sons: Arlington, VA
Number 1 Sons is a brother-sister team making barrel fermented foods. Simple and delicious food has been a constant in our life: our mom never made a birthday cake from a box and family dinners included plenty of vegetables and a fresh salad. Number 1 Mom taught us that good food shouldn’t be complicated – it can be made with simple, quality ingredients using traditional processes.

Number 1 Sons makes fermented foods that draw from all over the world — pickles, kimchi, kraut and more!  These foods harken to the traditional Chinese fermented foods and the vegetable-heavy dinners that Number 1 Mom makes for her family.

We combine Number 1 Mom’s philosophy with our love for all things fermented like kimchis, krauts and pickles.  When in season, our vegetables are grown by farmers in the surrounding states. Naturally delicious microbes from fermentation, like the good bacteria lactic acid, preserve our foods and give them a delicious, sour and tangy taste. Some of our foods harken to a New York Jewish deli, others to a Korean root cellar.  Our barrels change with seasonal and culinary inspiration.  Bottled kombucha too.

Pleasant Pops: Washington, DC
Seasonal, local, delicious frozen pop treats made right in Adams Morgan by local boys Brian and Roger! Cucumber Jalapeño for the adults, Strawberry Cream for the kids, all clever and tasty, not too sugary, and a nice price for the family.  Plus, they bring the goods in a ice cream cart!

People’s Bao: Washington, DC
Chinese steamed buns with tender, slow roasted heirloom Berkshire pork shoulder or duck confit or savory Pennsylvania shiitake mushrooms and market fresh greens.

Quaker Valley Orchards: Biglerville, PA
Many varieties of apples, peaches, plums, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.  Tomatoes in summer, eggs all year round.  Onions and potatoes in the Fall, and THE most gorgeous squash and pumpkin (Cinderella, Jarradhale, Long Island Cheese, all the fun ones!).  Dried apple snacks, popcorn, cider.

Reid’s Orchard & Winery: Orrtanna, PA
Dave and Kathy Reid and their children are a real family farm and all three kids are filled with ideas for keeping the farm growing.  Try their table grapes, which may turn into wine one day.  The daughter, Caitlin will tempt you with more than 75 varieties of tree fruits and berries including old fashioned apple varieties, asian pears, pears, plums, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries.  Also known for their great heirloom tomatoes.  Caitlin is like a fruit sommelier, you tell her what you want in an apple or a cherry and she’ll match you with your new favorite variety.

Richfield Farm: Manchester, MD
The Seletsky family bring abundant and diverse produce to Washington DC markets.  Look for rare and unusual herbs at the beginning of the season!

Spring Gap Mountain Creamery: Paw Paw, WV
Raw (unpasteurized) Jersey cow milk. Jersey Gold (gouda), West Virginia Blue, Shenandoah Sunrise (tomme – a southern French-style farmstead cheese), Farmhouse Feta, Sophie’s Select (cloth-wrapped cheddar)

Teeny Pies: Washington, DC
Using locally sourced produce and a handmade whole wheat crust recipe passed down from her mom (who got hers from her mom), Teeny is thrilled to be bringing fresh and seasonal goodness to the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Maraket. Teeny is currently offering a constantly rotating assortment of delicious pie each week.

Truck Patch Farms: New Windsor, Md
Bryan and Kristen are known for their bowls of tender baby salads and greens, purple broccoli and cauliflower and unusual varieties of herbs, including lime basil and chocolate, orange, pineapple, and apple mints.  But they are also sell excellent pork from wonderful pigs who live a piggy paradise life, rooting around under the boughs of some old trees.  Free-range eggs as well.

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