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Farmers’ Market Free Bike Clinic needs greasers & wrenchers to help Aaron & Lucas.  We need folk with at least basic bike maintenance skills and with the desire to help and teach others.  Contact the Manager at for volunteering or more info.

Farmers' Market Bike Clinic

Farmers’ Market Bike Clinic

Haul your bike down to the Farmers’ Market any Saturday to have your neighborhood volunteers take a look at your ride.  Pump available for proper inflation, lube for eliminating that squeaky-mouse chain problem, learn how to fix a flat, and depending on what skillz your volunteer has, you might get your brakes adjusted, your derailleur realigned, a spoke tightened, who knows?!  And who doesn’t like to show off their savvy?  Get advice on bike routes to work, how to transport kids and groceries, best weekend rides, whether that clunker is worth the money to fix up, what your next bike should be, how to secure your bike from theft, how many beers at the Wonderland Ballroom is too many to ride home on?

Can’t have too many volunteers – if you liked the service, how about spending a couple hours on a Saturday passing on what you learned when you got your bike fixed?  Or just come to chat with and triage a customers who’re waiting.  If you can’t volunteer, but you’re still dying to show your appreciation, tips accepted to help buy more supplies & tools!  But if you want to check out the wishlist and drop something off, like some lube, or a freewheel wrench, or a patch kit, it will get used by your community!


  • Thanks so much for fixing up my bike today at the Mt. P Farmer’s Market.  The bike clinic is definitely one of my favorite parts of living in Mount Pleasant!  You guys are fantastic. – Julia

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DC Bike Ambassador volunteers for Bike Clinic

Bike Volunteer at work



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